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Matt Garfinkle


Matt Garfinkle is a Human Performance Consultant with over 20 years of professional expertise working for and with organizations in industries such as Retail, Food & Beverage, Banking, Hospitality, Insurance, and Senior Living, He also founded his own learning and development consulting firm, and has held leadership positions in other consulting firms.


Matt's primary area of focus is designing and delivering compelling learning programs to engage audiences and motivate people to action. He has created leadership development, onboarding, and sales and service programs for Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups. Some of the areas that Matt addresses with his clients are improving intrateam communication, identifying and developing leaders, enhancing team dynamics, change management, and establishing and refining organizational culture. 


Matt's areas of expertise also include developing strategic plans to tackle organizational challenges and needs, and translating those plans into organizational practices and behaviors.  


Matt holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania with a double concentration in Communications and Psychology, and an MA in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University. 


Matt is a board member at BFG Financial Advisors in Baltimore County, Maryland, He also serves on the board of Los Milics Vineyards, his family's vineyard and hospitality enterprise in Southern Arizona, where he also holds a leadership position. 


Secret Superpower: "My ability to find connections and relationships where others only see unrelated concepts and events, and to be able to compellingly communicate those connections to others."

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