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Michelle Claffey


Michelle specializes in co-creating highly customized engagements to meet the unique needs of clients and serve as mechanisms to increase effectiveness, spark new possibilities, and generate optimal conditions for leaders, teams, and organizations to transform and thrive. With a foundation of trust and respect, Michelle supports leaders and teams to stretch and accelerate their development and impact by boosting overall leadership and team skills, identifying blind spots or obstacles that trip them up, noticing patterns of behavior and thinking, envisioning new paths and choices, and achieving bolder outcomes. She works with clients using a blend of coaching, training, and facilitation coupled with interactive platforms for video conferencing and collaboration to support leaders, teams, and virtual global events.


As a certified coach through the International Coach Federation, Michelle holds certificates from several world-renowned training programs, including specialties in team coaching and facilitation. Michelle has a doctoral degree in chemistry from the University of California Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Bates College. Michelle holds a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University, a certificate for the Co-Active Coach curriculum by the internationally recognized Coaches Training Institute, a Certificate in Team Coaching from Corentus, and a Certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown University. She is also certified in numerous leadership and team assessments, such as The Leadership Circle and Team Management Profiles.  


Secret Superpower: "Helping others to appreciate and tap into their unique superpowers and true essence, so they may live and lead aligned with their hearts and gifts to create their dream life moment-by-moment." 

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