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Rebecca Quigley


Rebecca Quigley is dedicated to helping females rise and thrive within their organizations. Having worked for two decades in management consulting and information technology, primarily male-driven corporate cultures, she understands the challenges, political atmosphere, and cultural nuances of large organizations struggling to fully embrace diversity and inclusion. She witnessed best practices and avoidable failures at some of the world’s largest corporations, federal government agencies, and health care conglomerates. As a leadership coach, organizations hire Rebecca to retain and grow their high potential female leaders. Individuals seek her out for increased influence, adaptability, and clarity.

Rebecca specializes in strengths-based leadership coaching for women at all organizational levels, coaching and consulting female teams, and the Hogan Leadership Assessment. She connects deeply with professional women because she understands what it takes to be a professional female navigating the workforce at all of life’s stages. She enjoys researching best practices on female leadership, gender bias, equity, and belonging. Rebecca dedicates 30% of her practice to marginalized women and women leading non-profits. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University. 


Secret Superpower: "Raising teenage boys. I have three."

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