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Virtual Facilitator Training Programs 

In total, DiSC has impacted 8 million learners in over 130,000 organizations and is available in 14 languages in over 70 countries worldwide. Getting qualified in these leading-edge assessments and tools will enable you to administer and facilitate one of the most popular solutions for promoting greater self-awareness, understanding, communication, and team cohesiveness in a training, consulting, or coaching setting.

Our upcoming training sessions are specially designed for coaches, facilitators, trainers, OD/HR consultants, and professionals who are interested in bringing these powerful programs as part of your services to your clients or employees. The training sessions will enable you to experience the assessments and facilitation materials first-hand and allow you to immerse yourself in the principles of the DiSC, supporting research and application for both group and 1:1 settings. Learners will gain the expertise and confidence to successfully administer the assessment and deliver the training to their clients and employees.

One Day DiSC Facilitator Training Program

Live training to get you ready to administer and facilitate one of the most popular tools for developing high-performing teams and individuals.

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