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Our leadership development programs focus on helping leaders and professionals push through the murk and gain clarity and confidence in their strengths, vision, and goals. Our action-learning-oriented leadership development programs and executive coaching services are designed to be a critical component of any executive, senior, or emerging leader's learning and growth journey.


We offer a suite of customizable options to meet each client’s unique needs and challenges. Our coaches and consultants are professionally certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and have extensive experience coaching a diverse variety of emerging to senior leaders. In addition, we are certified in a number of well-known leadership and 360 assessment instruments such as Leadership Circle 360, EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-I 360, Predictive Index, and DiSC Workplace Suite of Assessments.​

Our Offerings

Leadership Development Cohort Programs

We offer cohort-based leadership development programs, customized to your organization's needs and leadership competencies. A cohort-based approach encourages participants to gain mastery of new concepts and skills by discussing and reinforcing new ideas and learnings with their fellow participants. By building a network of colleagues and relationships across the organization, participants can more effectively and synergistically apply the lessons to advance organizational goals.

Targeted Leadership Workshops

We offer a variety of targeted training workshops, ranging from half-day to several days, on specific topic areas chosen by the client. Topics include, but are not limited to, adaptive leadership, managing change, design thinking, unconscious bias, building trust, emotional intelligence, providing feedback, difficult conversations, and resiliency. 

Executive and Team Coaching

Our 1:1 executive and team coaching focus on helping leaders who are dealing with change, uncertainty, or disruption and, who are interested in raising their effectiveness and impact. We work in partnership with our executive clients to help identify and implement actions that drive performance and enable them to achieve measurable results. 

New Leader Assimilation

There is always disruption of flow when a new leader joins an organization. SZH Consulting’s New Leader Assimilation program uses an interactive and facilitated approach to accelerate the leader’s integration and learning, enhance early bonding, and re-energize the team. The assimilation process becomes the first teambuilding experience with the new leader where team members share and establish expectations, norms, and commitment to collective success.

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