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Organizational success begins with the right planning process, one that engages leadership teams and key stakeholders, and dives deep to understand pain points and assess operating environments, to set organizational goals and objectives. At SZH Consulting, our team of expert consultants is guided by our proven strategic planning processes, which enables them to help clients identify a clear vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities, as well as a concrete set of actions and success metrics to achieve their goals and objectives. 


Our strategic planning approach is highly collaborative and emphasizes engagement between the consultants, the client strategic planning team, and additional representatives from the staff and broader stakeholder base. We follow an iterative process to gain clarity and consensus on the critical elements of the strategic plan and then refine the plan based on real-time feedback. Our strategic planning approach seeks to provide all stakeholders with an understanding of, ownership in, and commitment to organizational success. 

Our Strategic Planning Approach

Assess your business to understand your goals, motivations, pain points, limitations, and operating environments to identify a path forward for your specific needs

Develop a customized strategic roadmap with actionable steps that can be implemented to build your scalable business model and products

Review your progress, provide feedback, and recommend the best tools and resources for implementation

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