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Organizations must continuously evolve and adapt to succeed. SZH Consulting can help you design organizational structures that are aligned with your organization’s mission and strategic objectives. Whether you need fine-tuning, moderate adjustments, or a complete redesign of your organization, we work with our clients to identify the optimal structures and underlying operating and governance frameworks. We customize our approach so that it is appropriate for your objectives, circumstances, and culture.  

Desired Organizational Results


Our approach to organization design is based on our disciplined phase-by-phase methodology. By focusing on four key design elements, we build robust structures with clear roles, staffed with the right talent, and supported by strong processes and performance enablers that help organizations become more networked and agile. 


Decision Processes


Performance Management


Talent Management


Talent Match

Role Match


Skill Building

Roles & Responsibilities



Decision Rights  



Organizational Structure

Management Reporting Structure


Spans & Layers

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