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Jaime Stone

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Jaime Stone has built expertise in training, learning and development, change management, and coaching through her work for Fortune 500 companies. After over 30 years in full-time employment with major companies such as AOL, Accenture, and Marriott International, as well as with smaller consulting firms, Jaime struck out on her own to build a practice focused on her passions: learning, coaching, and change. She established herself as an independent consultant and took on coaching and training clients. Jaime also works with partners to deliver projects for clients and was introduced to SZH Consulting through a graduate school connection. ​

Jaime graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theater from the University of Southern California. After a few years in Los Angeles looking for a big break, Jaime realized she needed a “real job.” She explored many different roles before landing in technical training. She ultimately earned a master’s degree in Organization Development and Knowledge Management and moved into broader organization and team development. 

Secret Superpower: "Creativity - this shows up in how I approach solutions, carefully tailoring interventions to the specific issue, desired outcome, and culture of the client. I also leverage my creativity when I express myself in the visual arts. I am also pretty good at making ice cream.” 

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