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Salima Hemani


President & Founder

Salima Hemani is a dynamic leader and expert in Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Management and an ICF Board Certified Executive Coach. She has over two decades of experience providing leadership coaching, and consulting services in the areas of organizational development, human capital management, and leadership development. Salima is a results-driven strategist and practitioner, who has a deep understanding of human & organizational development based on years of experience creating programs that enable companies to embrace the changing business landscape, enhance their effectiveness, and achieve long-term goals. Salima is passionate about coaching senior and emerging leaders, as well as professionals who are interested in raising their game, achieving greater influence, and realizing their full potential.  

Prior to founding SZH Consulting LLC, a boutique management consulting and executive coaching company, Salima held leadership positions at global, Fortune 500 companies including Accenture, Northrop Grumman, Marriott International and BAE Systems. In those roles, she was instrumental in helping inform the strategic direction of Talent Management and OE/OD functions, while delivering highly effective and impactful coaching, leadership, and organizational development programs to internal & external clients, and senior leadership. Salima started her career in the technology field as a systems analyst and has carried over her deeply analytical approach and systems thinking to design and deliver human capital solutions to improve individual and organizational performance. Her clients include global leaders from consumer products, technology, telecommunications, professional services, utilities, non-profit, and government organizations. In addition, Salima was appointed to the board of directors for the International Coaching Federation D.C., where she successfully served as the co-chair for the professional development committee. 

Secret Superpower: "I am tougher than I look. I lead with compassion and kindness, but those should not be confused with weakness. I will fight hard to do the right things in the right way."

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